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Remigijus Januskevicius

Added Jan 11, 2009

I was born on the fifteenth of May in 1976, in Jonava, Lithuania. I still live and work here. My creative path started in the early childhood. I attended The School of Arts for Children and after graduating Secondary school in 1994 I entered Vilnius Academy of Arts where I graduated Department of Painting (1998). Nature, the life of human, old farms provides the inspiration for the painting. The main theme of my works is the joy and satisfaction of life that is important not only in aesthetic but in therapy function as well. My works is accomplished in oil painting technique. After a lengthy search, in the use the mixed oil painting techniques, and themes of my world, I have discovered my painting style.

Within my works, I strive to uplift the spirit of the man, to show that the joy of the life lies in the simplest things such as listening to music, revering nature, working daily works, while traveling, happiness can be discovered even in the cup of tea. I am aiming for the viewer of my paintings to feel happier. It's feel like the constant longing of the original state, inner cry, satisfaction with everything that surrounds me: nature, people, cultures, world heritage. The main purpose of my paintings is to discover myself in a world that is good.
The characters of my paintings do not have faces because they can be any of us. They are always dressed because their life is a celebration. They fly, swing, swim, work, rest, play in the wild.
I often take a rest and work in the farmstead, on a hill, I can see how the ordinary people work in rural areas, they live their natural lives and are the part of the nature. The blooming trees in spring, yellow and red in autumn, born in the red sun. I do not write poetry, I do not make music, but I can hear that extraordinary inner harmony, I can see the exceptional beauty of being, I believe that there is a whole connecting relationship – and that is the Life.
My paintings are my inner state, the language of my soul.

Solo exhibitions:
1997 Painting exhibition National Museum Jonava (Lithuania)
1997 Painting exhibition National Museum Kedainiai (Lithuania)
2002 Painting exhibition "Alberto“ gallery Kaunas (Lithuania)
2009 Painting exhibition „Art & craft festival“ Poznan (Poland)
2010 Painting exhibition „Art Oslo“ Oslo (Norway)
2010 Painting exhibition „Art & craft festival“ Poznan (Poland)
2011 Painting exhibition „Arts and Crafts fair“ Lillestrom (Norway)
2011 Painting exhibition „Art & craft festival“ Poznan (Poland)

Group exhibitions:
2003 group exhibition „Kaunas Jazz 2003“ Kaunas (Lithuania)
2008 group exhibition Architects gallery Kaunas (Lithuania)
2005 – 2009 Contemporary art forums "Homo ludens 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
2005 – 2011 group exhibitions „Homo ludens“ gallery Jonava (LIthuania)
2011 project "2011 - Vilnius - the gateway to Aukštaitija" town hall Vilnius (Lithuania)

2009 International art Symposium „EM“ Nida (Lithuania)
2010 plenair in Bikuškis mansion, Utena (lithuania)
2012 international art plenair „Demes“ Jonava (Lithuania)

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